Noriko Bayes (Makaton Regional Tutor and Nursery Nurse for our Special Support Centre) runs the following Makaton Workshop:

  • Foundation Workshop for Professionals

Makaton offers a structured approach for the teaching of communication, language and literacy skills. Makaton signs/symbols are always used with speech in order to provide a visual representation of language which increases understanding and makes expressive communication easier. Many research studies show that using signs help developing speech.

Makaton helps to improve:

  • poor attention and listening
  • understanding of speech
  • understanding of what will happen next
  • developing speech
  • English as an additional language
  • children’s ability to make themselves understood including:
  • what they want
  • how they feel
  • what they are thinking
  • their choices and preferences
  • learning to read and write.

The next courses are on:

14th November & 21st November 2019 – 9am-4pm

Makaton November 2019 Flyer

Click here for foundation booking form

To check availability and book a place please telephone 01243 642925.