Certified Training Centre of Excellence

You will know from sharing your children’s learning records with your child’s key workers that we regularly scribe children’s stories and act them out as part of our Helicopter Story approach. In the Autumn term we applied to Make Believe Arts to become a Centre of Excellence to enable us to train other teachers and practitioners. Last term Alison Stead and Cathryn Twine underwent 2 days training with Make Believe Arts.

We are delighted to say that on Tuesday 12th June we held our first training day and delegates were able to see some of the children tell and act out their stories. We were so proud of the children who were very confident in showing what they can do, and we were pleased to receive our plaque from Isla Hill of Make Believe Arts. (http://www.makebelievearts.co.uk)

We are now a Certified Training Centre of Excellence for Helicopter Stories so would like to thank you all for your support in this initiative.