We believe in these principles …

  • Early Education is of value in itself. It offers each child opportunities, appropriate to this particular time in his/her life, that he/she will not experience again.  The staff hope that the experiences offered at Bognor Regis Nursery School will also provide a sound foundation to enable the children to take advantage of future educational opportunities offered to them.
  • Each child is unique and should be valued and respected as such.
  • Young children learn from everything that happens to them and they do not compartmentalise their learning.
  • The process of learning is as important as the end result.
  • The relationships that children develop with each other and the adults in the School environment directly affect their access to all areas of experience.
  • Children’s learning is best fostered in an environment that builds on individual children’s strengths and interests.

Our aims give us direction

Our primary aim is to ensure the best possible outcome for all children and to reduce inequalities between them.

In partnership with parents and carers, staff aim to provide:

  • high quality learning and care for children from birth to five years, within a welcoming, nurturing, secure (physically and emotionally), stimulating and inclusive environment where there is laughter and a sense of fun;
  • planned learning opportunities throughout the School which:
    • build on the children’s home experiences
    • match their individual and developmental needs
    • give equal access of opportunity for children of differing ability, gender, religion, culture and socio-economic background
    • encourage, support and challenge the children in all aspects of their social, emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual growth
    • develop necessary skills, concepts and attitudes to enable children to become self-reliant learners;
  • early identification of special physical, emotional, health and learning needs to ensure timely intervention;
  • opportunities for sharing information about a child’s progress and wellbeing to ensure appropriate action.

In partnership with other agencies, staff aim to:

  • strengthen close partnerships between all children’s services including social care, family support and health to meet the needs of all children from birth to five years and their families.

Drawing on the expertise of our staff and collaborating agencies, we aim to provide facilities and advice for the professional development of early years workers and for training of college/university staff and students in good early years practice.


The School’s Curriculum sets out the knowledge, skills and attitudes that we want children to learn during their time with us. This is outlined in our Curriculum Handbook. This document contains specific information on each of the seven areas of the Early Years curriculum.

Curriculum Handbook

The School has also produced a Scheme of Work for each of the seven areas of the Early Years curriculum, available in the School Atrium.