The children in the SSC follow the same Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as the rest of the Nursery School. Children are welcomed to self-register in the Garden Room and one member of the SSC team remains in the Garden Room throughout the session to provide a range of quiet, focused activities.  Other staff members are then able to move out into the Nursery School to provide support for the children as they play alongside their peers.  All children who are supported by the SSC are also placed within one of the key worker groups within Nursery School and are included in group time activities (as appropriate).  The children are collected from their group time at the end of the session.

We work in close partnership with parents /carers and aim to build trusting relationships with families.  Before the child starts in the SSC we offer a home visit and settling sessions.  Detailed records of each child’s progress are kept and these include parent / carer contributions and feedback. Parents /carers are also encouraged to attend sessions with the Speech and Language therapist, SSC staff or Nursery School staff in order to observe and discuss how their child is progressing within the school environment.  When children are transferring to primary school we work together with the school to plan a transition programme that will support the whole family through this process.