Staff are committed to building effective partnerships with parents and carers to support children’s wellbeing and to enable them to thrive. There is a wealth of research evidence which demonstrates that parents who are more engaged in the work of schools are more likely to understand the importance of education and to help their children to achieve their academic potential.

The team aims to:-

  • provide a welcoming, inclusive environment where trust and respect is fostered;
  • appreciate the key role of parents and carers in the education of their children and to learn from their expertise and experience;
  • establish and maintain the best possible working relationships with all parents and carers;
  • demonstrate to parents and carers that we understand that their ongoing role in the education of their children is of utmost importance;
  • give parents and carers the confidence to extend their knowledge of how children learn, how they play and develop friendships and how their language develops;
  • exchange information on the children’s development and progress on an ongoing basis;
  • consult on difficulties pertinent to the children’s education and wellbeing with other appropriate agencies with the consent of parents/carers;
  • help parents/carers to become confident advocates for their babies and young children as they move through the educational system;
  • encourage parents’ and carers’ full participation in the life and workings of the School.