All children differ in their reaction to starting at the Nursery School and because of this, there is no set pattern to the settling in process.

Hopefully you will have met with your child’s key worker before your child’s first day through our practice of Home Visiting. It can be a completely new environment full of strange people for some children, while others will be familiar already with the Nursery School, having attended previously with older brothers and sisters.

It is very important that Mum, Dad or an adult that your child knows well, stays with him/her during the adjustment period.  Your child’s key worker will probably suggest that your child accesses shorter sessions to begin with in order to him/her to settle more easily. We realise that this can be difficult for you but time taken at this stage is invaluable in ensuring that your child will enjoy and benefit from his/her time with us.

Our staff have a wealth of experience but your help is essential because you have the best knowledge of you child. Only by working together can we ensure the best start for your child.

Children need to feel confident that home and school are working closely for their benefit. Your continued interest and active participation in your child’s education are very important.